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April 19, 2007

Sick of the system that did nothing about Cho Seung-Hui

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Ok, we know exactly what happened, Cho went and killed 32 people in a shooting spree.

But Cho’s behavior raised warning flags long before shooting rampage.

– Dr. Michael Wellner, a forensic psychiatrist said, “Cho demonstrated alienation and contempt common in mass murderers”.

– He wrote twisted and violent plays and poems, at one point his poetry teacher said she would quit if he was not removed from her class.

– Cho was declared an “imminent danger to himself because of mental illness” in 2005

– He was severely abused by his peers in middle school and high school.

But what happened when these warning flags came up?

Nothing, he kept building to an inevitable explosion, and nobody did a damn thing.

The only thing we hear now is “There was nothing that could or should have led them to put Cho away”

I’m sorry, I don’t believe that. We were too worried about the rights of one disturbed young man that we allowed him to kill 32 others.
It seems we can only look back in shock when these things happen, but we can never do anything to prevent them.

Who’s fault is that, Cho’s?

April 6, 2007

Dental Debacle

by @ 8:13 am. Filed under Personal

So, I go in to have a tooth pulled, it had broken a few years ago and I have no insurance so reconstruction was out.

The dentist trimmed away part of it before he pulled it, unfortunately for whatever reason the drill hit my tongue.

Tongue Cut

Needless to say i’m hardly pleased at this, my tongue hurts far more than my jaw does.

EDIT: It did heal up finally, but it’s left a very noticeable scar. It hasn’t impeded my taste at all tho.

UPDATE: Here is a photo of what it looks like now.

Tongue Cut Healed

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