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July 12, 2006

Israel, the invader

by @ 6:29 am. Filed under Politics, Religion

Why is it that Israel is allowed to violate Lebanon’s sovreignty whenever it wants?

It’s like the US invading Mexico whenever it wants, someone would complain at some point, but Israel seems to be allowed to do whatever it wants.

When are we going to stop defending these actions and force both sides in the middle east to play nicely with others?

July 5, 2006

My Escrow, or “Why I dislike John Quaid”

by @ 7:49 am. Filed under Business, Personal

So, around a month ago I decided to sell my house.

The address so you can look it up was 7530 West Palmaire Ave, Glendale, AZ 85303.

My realtor recommended I put it in the market at $199.900, we got a flurry of interested parties, and a full-price offer the very next day. But, before we could take that offer a realtor came through and viewed it for her client who was not with her.

They offered $210,000. So we took that.
(If only I had known then what was going to happen)

Mr. John Quaid was the buyer. I made a critical mistake and did not look up his name on the Maricopa County Assessor’s site. He owns 3 other pieces of land near that house, and intends to put in luxury condos.

He also didn’t seem to realize that he would take $30,000 in penalties to break his $250k CD, which he did a day AFTER escrow was supposed to close.

Furthermore he didn’t know you have to wait 7-9 days after breaking a CD for the funds to become available.

Finally a week after the close date, after several threats from us he comes through with a cashiers check for the down payment he had to cover and it closed.

But I gotta say it was a very fucked-up trip indeed.

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