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May 31, 2019

The first rose of the season.

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May 11, 2019

“Just do it this way instead”

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It really amazes me how often this happens. We have reached the age of the internet where what you want is often not what you get.

What am I talking about? Well sometimes you go online and ask questions to accomplish/build/design/understand something. But the response comes back from someone else saying, “Just don’t do that”.

“I want to design a house.” / “Just hire an architect.”

“I want to fix this device.” / “Just hire a repairman.”

“I want to learn to be an engineer.” / “Just hire an engineer.”

“I want to learn how to build this thing.” / “Just buy one someone else built.”

This is utterly and completely unhelpful and pointless. Why the hell do we respond to requests for knowledge with suggestions to be materialistic? I mean it almost always comes down to “Don’t learn it, just pay someone else for it.”

Of course the real reason behind this kind of response is that people are lazy, and/or want to prove they know better. (Note: I rarely see women acting this way, it’s almost always been men. “Father knows best” thinking.)

If we lived life this way nobody would ever learn how to do anything. But it’s likely more because we somehow think we’re being helpful by giving a quick response that isn’t what someone asked for.

Eventually this will probably lead to.

“How do I learn to swim?” / “Don’t bother, just drown.”

May 8, 2019

3D printer live feed

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This should be up and showing my 3D printer printing. (It’s mainly for me to watch it’s progress remotely.)

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