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November 30, 2017

LEGO Pathfinder Campaign – The Bestiary (Bad guys)

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These are some pictures of the monsters I have for the players to encounter. Not complete by any stretch of the imagination, lol.




LEGO Pathfinder Campaign – Behind the screen.

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So, this is what is behind my DM screen, and a few details of how I play.


And a picture from the front.


I play with a notebook and a second screen in portrait mode so I can easily look things up, view handbooks or change music.

I installed speakers and a subwoofer under the table, it makes the music really immersive. (I’m sure my downstairs neighbors love me, lol)

I have an hourglass on the table that I flip when I want to get the players attention for something.

I bought a magnetic Pathfinder Combat Pad to track initiative. I let the players manage it.

I have a full set of Rory’s Story Dice that I use when I need excess “fluff” story. (Like when you want to give an NPC simple backstory.)

The wooden dice tray I use I got on Amazon. It was relatively cheap but I like it quite a bit.

Behind me there is an extra notebook computer for the players to use. And connected to it is an old Skylanders “Portal of Power”. When you hook it up to a Linux computer it lights up and changes color randomly. (Makes for a fun immersive coaster)

I also have several wood and metal “chest shaped” boxes with misc things in them like rocks, keys, scrolls, letters, real animal teeth, etc. This adds to the immersive feel and allows the players to have a real feeling of “items” in the game.

On the far side of the room is a set of glass beer mugs. They make for decent game-appropriate drink containers, and they are VERY bottom heavy so the players (hopefully) won’t tip them over.

A few things I still want to add are some magic wand props and a more sorted musical playlist.

Lego Pathfinder Campaign – A few pictures.

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Here we have some pictures of the ongoing D&D LEGO campaign.




My next task is to find a way to deal with cavern and sloping walls. For now I can just keep the map square since it’s all homebrew, heh.

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