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March 8, 2006

Who is Lasivian?

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Well, if you really must know I guess i’ll tell.

I’ll get you started with a mugshot:


I hate that I never look like i’m smiling. Yes, that was taken on the Space Needle. Yes, my eyes are different colors (Tho you probably can’t tell in that picture).

I’m the only “Lasivian” out there, so if you’re really bored you can google the name to see my long painful web history.

General hobbies and enjoyments (in absolutely no particular order):

Hunting, fishing, bikepacking (which is backpacking on a bicycle), metal & woodworking, chainmail making, piracy, swordfighting (NOT the SCA stick-and-board crap or the form-heavy swishy-poke of fencing), fixing (IE. something or someone is broken and it needs to be unbroken, rarely matters what it is), governmental politics, computers, photography, metal detecting, archeology, anthropology, gaming (many different forms to this), cooking, philosophy.

What I like to watch or listen to:

80’s music, classic rock, anime, movies with decent plots, movies with good acting (The Avengers movie was a sin against mankind), Dr. Who, sci-fi that assumes it’s average viewer uses their brain, Henry Rollins, M. C. Escher.

Things that I don’t like:

Hiking just to hike, bicycling just to bike, personal “drama” type politics, vegan & vegetarianism, people that can’t communicate effectively, organized religion (Jesus was a great guy i’m sure, but his fan club sucks), being overly eco-terrified, punk music, hard rock, people that assume i’m in a band because I have long hair, sexy women lacking intelligence (I flatly refuse to be attracted to any woman that can’t have a meaningful conversation), programming or coding, “caste” thinking, Capitalism, intolerance, coffee, living in a yurt, constipated thinking, Conservatives, a lack of economic equality.

Copyright and disclaimer:

Most of the stuff here I made, however I swipe stuff from all over the web (usually crediting the original authors) if it’s posted here and it’s yours and you want me to take it down, then tell me to remove it and i’ll remove it (gee, that was hard eh?). Similarly if you want to use something here i’m not going to waste alot of time and effort to try and stop you, frankly i’d just like to be informed that someone liked/wanted it (Again, wow, rough, right?)

As for my opinions and reviews it’s all my own babblings and nobody is paying me one thin dime to write any of it. And I really don’t care who agrees or disagrees with it, capiche?

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