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October 14, 2012

Acceptance or not.

by @ 4:16 pm. Filed under Personal

I find it intriguing. Some people accept logical thought and apply it. Others let emotion overrule their logical faculties.

It’s not even the debate that matters, it’s how you have it. If you look at what someone else is saying and disagree that is one thing. If you look at what they are saying and say they are a fucking idiot that’s another.

October 1, 2012

Why i’m not thrilled with Verizon

by @ 10:42 pm. Filed under Business, Personal, Technology

So, Sarah and I have two original Droid phones under an unlimited data plan with almost no minutes of usage. We pay $140 per month for both.

But, now we want to add a mobile hotspot to the plan since we have a new Nexus 7 tablet we want data on and the phones cannot do the infrastructure WI-fi the tablet needs to connect to.

But, we can’t do that. Because Verizon does not want us to have our unlimited data plans anymore.

If we went to a new data plan to add the hotspot at our current data usage amounts we would end up paying $240 per month for all 3 devices. (In short paying 4g rates for limited data on our old 3G phones, and there is no phone play as cheap as the one we have now which must also be changed) And of course Verizon wants us to renew our 2-year contract if we change plans (We are currently a year out of contract and like it that way, we’re waiting for something to replace the Droids).

By comparison a T-mobile hotspot is $35 per month for a limited amount of data, but with no overage fees (They just slow down overage services) and a free device.

So much for the benefits of being a customer for 3 years and paying $5000 for their service, they offered me zilch.

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