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December 5, 2006

My apartment review

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Figured I would post this for the hell of it.

Currently i’m renting at:

Monaco At Old Town Scottsdale
2929 N. 70th Street
Scottsdale , AZ 85251

This complex was bought in late 2006 by a Toronto businessman. When interviewed he said he was going to sell off the Monaco side in one large block of units in early 2007 and part out the Monte Carlo side into condos.

“Oakwood” apparently handles “extended corporate stays” for this complex but Monaco says they don’t do that. (I have found that the staff is completely clueless about the complex so this doesn’t shock me in the slightest)

It is a “young folks” complex, so you will hear music every so often and find beer bottles laying around. But I have not seen any evidence of vandalism or crime.

The condition of the unit is good to fair. The water heater has some rust that the new management has not fixed. They were nice enough to remove the washer/dryed in my unit so I could use my own high-efficiency set. My apartment had no overhead light fixtures but it did have the points to attach them so I installed them myself. (I try to have as little contact with maint. as possible so I have no idea how good they are)

Parking is a nightmare. The covered parking slots are assigned in a terrible format. This comes straight from the mouth of a Monaco employee who said “The creators of this complex had a bad parking system”, to which I replied “But you didn’t think it was bad enough to fix?”, which got no response. I walk roughly half a block from my parking space to my apartment, past roughly 18 other covered parking spots closer to my apartment. Watching other people come and go from their cars i’ve noticed that there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the parking.

The parking patrols are pretty gestapho about parking rules, I got ticketed for having temporary tags on my new car while waiting for my real plates to come in that were one-day expired.

DO NOT pay for your parking permits when you sign your lease (20$), they charge you double, instead go to the parking website and buy them there (10$).

The complex recently just got a “face lift” that redid the pool, paint, etc. but none of the interiors that i’m aware of. The paint job is shabby and wasen’t done with any care at all.

I’ll be signing on for another year in December 2006 even tho the rent has gone up to 1080$ or so on a 2-bedroom. Likely tho i’ll be moving next december, especially if rents increase again.

Hope this helps someone wondering if they should rent here.

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