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July 26, 2007

Unequal opportunity

by @ 9:57 pm. Filed under Politics

So I noticed an advertisement for an “Adult living” community. (IE. a retirement community)

And they specifically said “blah-blah is an equal opportunity builder”. But I think that’s a blatent lie.

How can you say “we only accept people over 55” and at the same time say you’re not being bias?

Dancing in the rain

by @ 8:21 am. Filed under Personal

Well, the village site is up at www.raindancevillage.com.

It might, or might not be staying as a forum-based setup, we shall see.

What i’d really love is a setup that integrates static pages, with a decent forum and an image gallery. (Yeah, I only want it to be perfect, heh)

Siriusly annoying

by @ 8:08 am. Filed under Personal, Technology

I keep debating if I want to buy a SL10 Stiletto unit to take with me to Washington.

And I keep finding more and more reasons not to buy one.

The evil headphones of pain, the fact that those headphones are the only way to connect an external antenna and still be portable and supposedly the SL10 has software problems.

Upsides? If i’m lucky, radio wherever I want it.

I just keep wondering if the upside is worth all the drawbacks & troubles.

July 25, 2007

“Ambition is the last refuge of the failure.” – Oscar Wilde

by @ 3:26 pm. Filed under Quotes

Days later..

by @ 11:07 am. Filed under Server Admin

All the server move issues should be fixed finally.

I added a few coded messages to the front page, some easier than others.

July 24, 2007

“If you don’t succeed, at least you are a successful failure.” – Stephen Millich

by @ 4:08 pm. Filed under Quotes

July 18, 2007

Not like anyone cares, but..

by @ 9:43 pm. Filed under Server Admin

I moved my site to a new host and off my personal home brew FreeBSD server.

Now i’m just fighting a bunch of little details to get it all working right.

Ahh, fun, fun.

July 6, 2007

The yurt order

by @ 10:50 pm. Filed under Personal

So, I put in the order for the Yurt i’ll be living in in WA.

Nine thousand dollars, and i’ve never seen one in person. Glad i’m good at fixing things, heh.

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