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August 29, 2007

Abu Ghraib arrogance

by @ 12:13 pm. Filed under Military, Politics

A military jury recommended a reprimand Wednesday for the only officer court-martialed in the Abu Ghraib abuse scandal, sparing him any prison time for disobeying an order to keep silent about the abuse investigation.

The jury had acquitted Army Lt. Col. Steven L. Jordan a day earlier of all three charges directly related to the mistreatment of detainees at the U.S.-run prison in Iraq.

Those acquittals absolved Jordan, 51, of responsibility for the actions of 11 lower-ranking soldiers who have already been convicted for their roles at Abu Ghraib.

In short this means that no officer has EVER been held at all accountable for the actions of the soldiers in this incident.

Which I can only assume means that there has been a complete breakdown of command structure in the armed forces, and that military personal no longer report their actions and activities to a superior officer. And that no officer was “in charge” of the prison at the time these events took place.

Either that, or someone at the top is doing their damnedest to make this all go away quietly. I suspect this is the case since the only thing this man was found guilty of was not keeping his mouth shut.

“The buck stops here” has become “the buck stops way down there”.

August 27, 2007

What a day..

by @ 4:01 pm. Filed under Personal

So I get up this morning and Sarah’s good PC is dead, toast, gone. No matter what I try it will not post. So I tear out all the parts and manage to get down to the motherboard not working. At least it’s under warranty, and I can do a cross-ship on it.

(Tried to replace the board but there isn’t a Socket939 board in the whole damn city)

It was also Sarah’s first day back to work, I had to drive her both ways.

Let’s hope tomorrow is better.

August 24, 2007

Current Events

by @ 8:24 pm. Filed under Personal

Well, Sarah got her breast reduction on Monday, and it’s been a pretty difficult week.

Trying to get the last moving done so I can get packed up for the big trip up north.

Are you Sirius?

by @ 8:21 pm. Filed under Personal, Technology

So I was debating a Sirius radio, and I recently found out that they are coming out with a new 2nd generation handheld. This unit would be out of my price range, but the new headphones are backward compatible, and not painful, woo-hoo!

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