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November 26, 2007

Electrical trickery

by @ 9:37 pm. Filed under Personal

Seems the outlet i’m using for the yurt is the same outlet that the rented room in the basement is using. We keep tripping the breaker.

Going to have to find a solution to this pretty soon.

Snow way man!

by @ 5:45 pm. Filed under Personal

Well, got snow for the first time today.

About 1/2 inch has fallen so far, let’s hope the yurt holds up to it.

Seattle Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame

by @ 4:20 pm. Filed under Personal

Just a little jab here.

Sarah and I intended to visit here the other day. But we were a tad dismayed to find out that you are not allowed to take photographs in the museum. Every other museum and location that we went to during her time here had no such restriction. (However the Aquarium asked folks to not use a flash around the seahorses.)

We felt that was a rather crappy policy since it’s 15$ per person to get in, so we decided not to visit.

Just FYI for anyone thinking of visiting.

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