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January 15, 2008

SCA in Washington

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Well, I went out tonight to try and get in a swordfight.

First off I couldn’t find the place, they were meeting at a church, but when I found the location it appeared to be more of a tavern.

After the usual strained “hello newcomer / outsider” they all got suited up in their makeshift heavy armor and stood in pairs bashing each other.

“Where are the light weapons?” I asked the man I think was the Marshal, “Oh, only heavy weapons tonight, light weapons in 2 weeks”.

TWO WEEKS?!? I hope I hid my slack-jawed shock well.

From what I believe I overheard they have their business meetings on the first Tuesday of the month,? heavy weapons on the second and third, and rapier (Nobody mentioned Shinai unfortunately, which is my favorite type of combat. Tho I think the SCA has outlawed it entirely.) on the 4th Tuesday.

The rest stood around talking internal politics & drama.

I was also surprised to see no crafting or vendors. The space was less than 1000sq ft. so I have no idea where they would have setup.

So I headed out and went home.

I guess i’ll lookup the Seattle-based group and see if they’re any better.

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