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March 31, 2008

Science on Tap

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I made it, kind of crowded but we’ll see how it goes.

**40 Minute presentation**

The speaker this time was a specialist in climate modeling. He did a good job, but the presentation was rather heavy on conspiracy theory relating to the Bush administration and big oil squashing any satellites that might provide proof of global warming. (He didn’t have to try so hard to sell the idea to his audience)

Maybe the one tomorrow will be better.

My new phone

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This is the Moto Q i’ve been using to post with lately. If anyone is curious i’m using the Postie” plugin for WordPress. It’s not bad, trying to make a few edits but my PHP skill is lacking.

The phone is pretty decent, most things can be hacked with a registry editor.



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I noticed this while biking home from the bank.

The field at Ballard High School is getting replaced with astroturf.

I should bring the detector out here before that happens.



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Now, before I start this tirade let me make it clear i’m not in favor of making any species extinct.

However, it seems that we’re horribly concerned about any species going extinct.


Over 99% of species that ever lived are now extinct.

Earth’s largest extinction (the P/Tr or Permian-Triassic extinction event) killed 53% of marine families, 84% of marine genera, about 96% of all marine species and an estimated 70% of land species (including plants, insects, and vertebrate animals).

Do we cry over this? No, the earth moved forward, life held it’s grip, and eventually thrived once again.

So what is different now?

Guilt. We feel guilty because this time we are the cause.

Is that a scientific or logical reason to be concerned? No. Extinction is a natural part of evolution, the cause is a triviality.

Does it really impact the earth in a horrible way if a plant goes extinct? No, the earth doesn’t care, another species moves in to take over.

We don’t like things to change. We like them to stay exactly how they are. So, what happens someday if a species is going extinct due to completely natural reasons that mankind has not impacted? Would we try and save that species too, even tho it’s normal and acceptable for it to go extinct?

I’m sure people would, should they?

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