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April 8, 2008

IGo keyboards have iGone

by @ 3:02 pm. Filed under Personal

I only recently found out about the ultra-slim bluetooth keyboards from iGo.

It also seems recently they are completely discontinued.

Today I asked a question via support and got this response:

“The keyboards have all been discontinued and there will be no further updates to them or the drivers. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Best Regards,

iGo Product Support”

Doesn’t really make sense, they seemed to be incredibly popular.

Texas Troubles for the FLDS church

by @ 10:45 am. Filed under Politics, Religion

Who would have guessed that the downfall of the Fundamentalist Mormon Church would come at the hands of the Texas Child Protective Services.
They’ve hauled away hundreds of children and arrested one adult. It’s definitely not a public relations win for the FLDS church. And it probably removes one-third of their cult members.
The cops are still digging for evidence, i’m dying to see what they found in the place.
I’m also wondering what other juicy bits of information and new cases they’re going to gain from all the children they took into custody.
Time will tell.

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