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May 8, 2008

A funny thing happened to me at the bus stop this morning…

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So as I was walking to the bus stopop I saw the bus coming up behind me. Knowing only the #5 served that stop I broke into a run to beat it.
As I came up to the stop only one of the many people waiting got on. “It’s only the local” one lady said to me, my thought in return was “so?”.
According to the bus schedule the #5 express bus would indeed get me to downtown faster, a whole 2 minutes faster. Since the express was due along in 3 minutes the bus I got on will beat it to downtown by 1 minute.
I take a bus earlier than I have to so i’m on time if I miss it and have to take the next one, so either way I get to the office a good 20 minutes early.
I’m glad that i’ve slowed down enough to just be worried about catching the bus, not catching the fastest bus.

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