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March 26, 2009

The Great Office War

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The Great Office War

I love this film, it’s totally cheesy but it makes me laugh.

(Direct Download link: Here)

Why men need to change how they act.

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Men need to change their tune, it’s as simple as that.

In a recent story I read online about women leaving men for women it was remarked:

“Many of the women interviewed said, they are attracted to the person, and not the gender — moved by traits like kindness, intelligence, and humor, which could apply to a man or a woman. Most of all, they long for an emotional connection.”

The “tough guy” image that men present is more a front put on to combat other men. There was a time when it was a good survival trait, when fighting off other humans was a base matter of survival and putting food in your mouth. However we don’t live in caves anymore, we don’t fight off hulking carnivores with clubs. Instead now the overabundance of testosterone causes conflict where there doesn’t need to be any. Along with that fewer women seem attracted to it as time goes by, favoring instead men with emotions and brains.

The issue with this entire situation is simple, “Men don’t listen”, and furthermore society accepts their refusal to consider any changes. It is almost inconceivable to most of them that they should drop the macho attitude so why would they consider it? They wouldn’t, and they don’t. Often as well their entire sense of identity is built around it and when that image is shattered they lash out violently in defense.

I guess unfortunately only time fixes things like this.

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