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January 6, 2010

So, What.cd got too big.

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Seems that being the largest private torrent tracker in the world has some downsides.

Especially when music is relatively small and fast to download. If you end up with new invitees just downloading what they want and trying to upload it to have a positive ratio you’re going to have alot of people waiting a very long time.

Their solution? Screen new members in an “interview” process. Make sure they’re capable of uploading something. But how many really ever get anything worth uploading that isn’t already there yet?

“I could upload my parents collection of Korean folk songs, but I doubt anyone would want it. However it’s the only thing I have that they don’t already have on the site.”

Also invites are only now being given out to users that upload, no uploads, no invites.

But thinking about percentages this isn’t really going to help them out. There is only so much music out there that “online downloaders” want in the first place. If you have 99% of it already then anyone you add is going to have a harder and harder time of maintaining a positive ratio. And you’re going to get more people uploading junk because that’s all they can find to upload.

The solution? I suggest converting to a private pay site, no other fix it going to deal with the ratio issues music entails.

2 Responses to “So, What.cd got too big.”

  1. Zwan Says:

    i am a PU at what, I have 6 invites i have not used, soon to be like 8, all the young kids that have never bought a single cd in their lives do not have a chance there, that is the point, i am sitting on 10 gig easy of material not on the site yet, go buy some cds people, who are you kidding

  2. Lasivian Says:

    Gee, I don’t know since you’re just asking me to believe what you’re saying because you said it. Pretty thin proof at best.

    What I do know is that leechers vs uploaders in the warez scene has been an ongoing issue for decades. It’s nothing new that what.cd is having issues with it. If I am forced to upload music and I dump multiple gigs of Korean family folk music on the site I don’t think that is going to appeal to 99.9% of the users there, does it really help the community? Of course not.

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