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July 16, 2010

“we don’t slap a bandaid on it”

by @ 10:41 am. Filed under Personal, Technology

Quoting Steve Jobs from his press conference this morning regarding the Iphone 4.

But how is this not a lie? Their solution is to put a “Bumper” on the phone so the antenna issue does not occur. That is literally a band-aid if ever there was one.

He also said:
“looking at the data, we don’t think we have a problem.”

Well, if you don’t have a problem, then one must ask why you are offering everyone with an Iphone 4 a free case to fix a problem that you say you do not have.

One Response to ““we don’t slap a bandaid on it””

  1. RyAnne Says:

    Especially since the bumper “fix” does very very little good.
    I’ll stick to my Galaxy S phone. Sure, there are places you can grab it to decrease signal, but they all require some ridiculous hold on the phone, not the normal grasp that kills an iPhone 4.

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