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February 25, 2011

Getting a little tired of sexism against men

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So in the last few days I have gotten several notices from meetup.com.

They are all for “women only” meetup groups. For those of you that are unaware I am both male, and a strong advocate against sexism towards men.

So I was curious, I searched for what groups where specifically “women only” and found quite a few near me.

Someone please tell me how this would be accepted if groups were listed as men only?

It wouldn’t, so how it is that it’s acceptable for groups to be listed for women only?

EDIT: Apparently meetup works on the “These are all independent private clubs, they can do whatever they want”, etc. Of course if someone started a “whites only” group I’m rather sure it would suddenly be removed even tho it was “private” since they would say it “offends people”.

February 20, 2011

Uh.. .. WTF?!?

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I saw this today at Daiso in Seattle. It made my brain hurt.

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Si hoc legere scis mimium eruditionis habes

Does your brain hurt yet?

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