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February 25, 2011

Getting a little tired of sexism against men

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So in the last few days I have gotten several notices from meetup.com.

They are all for “women only” meetup groups. For those of you that are unaware I am both male, and a strong advocate against sexism towards men.

So I was curious, I searched for what groups where specifically “women only” and found quite a few near me.

Someone please tell me how this would be accepted if groups were listed as men only?

It wouldn’t, so how it is that it’s acceptable for groups to be listed for women only?

EDIT: Apparently meetup works on the “These are all independent private clubs, they can do whatever they want”, etc. Of course if someone started a “whites only” group I’m rather sure it would suddenly be removed even tho it was “private” since they would say it “offends people”.

4 Responses to “Getting a little tired of sexism against men”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I think an important question to ask is what sorts of groups are “women only”? Women are actually still a pretty marginalized group, and some women are definitely more comfortable participating in more masculine activities with many other women. I don’t have anything against the Second Amendment Sisters, for example, and I enjoy shooting with other women. It’s a social event. If you want a men’s only shooting club, go any other night of the week, the one or two other women there won’t bother you. If you wanted to start a “men’s only knitting group” I don’t think anyone would think anything about it. If you wanted to have a “men’s only swordfighting and brewing medieval beer” group, that would seem silly, as your female participation would be low, so why bother being exclusive?


  2. Lasivian Says:

    Ok, I see more detail is required. 🙂

    Yes, most of the women-only groups are based on more feminine topics, but it’s not like all men are masculine.

    The primary reason I’m so (personally) vehemently opposed to “women only” is because I enjoy the company of women as friends. I find men too often suffer from “Testosterone poisoning”, making things hyper-competitive or combative when they don’t have to be.

    But when a group says “women only” it’s saying “because you have a penis we do not want your company, no matter how feminine a man you might be”.

    Which is no different than a woman being told “no matter how masculine you might be you’re not allowed” in a men-only group setting.

  3. Vanessa Says:

    The meetup groups though are about people trying to find other people who fit within a particular catagory of interests. For example, there is a “girls club” I looked at, and was refused membership. Why? I live to far away from them.

    Additionally, i recently saw a new group for lesbians to get together and workout. AND, I saw a male in this group who was interested in joining and was accepted even though the group was directed specifically at women, and more specifically at women who like women. Yet, he is still a member. 🙂

    If the topic was of interest to you and you could contribute as much as any other woman, there are probably a good percentage of those groups that might still accept a male as a member. I think the primary reason for putting “women only” is that they don’t want a guy to join for the sole reason of using the group as a hookup spot.

  4. Lasivian Says:

    Yes, the hookup factor is another point of debate.


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