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September 5, 2011

I’m tired of this political bullshit

by @ 6:34 pm. Filed under Personal

The US economy is in the tank, consumer confidence is down, sales are stagnant, but to listen to the GOP getting thigns turned around means “Less regulation and less taxes on business.”.

My take on that? In a word, bullshit.

Talk to a small business owner, chances are they will tell you they are not hiring people right now because demand for their products or services is down. If nobody wants something done there is no reason to pay someone to do it.

Frankly. business has one goal, “To make money”, and if that means it’s more profitable for a business owner to fire 500 people than to hire 500 more which do you think he’s going to do? You guessed it, 500 people get pink slips.

I might not trust the US government firmly, but I trust it a hell of alot more than I trust business to “do what’s right”.

We need a huge spending package to put people back to work or this mess is going to last a long, LONG time. And by the look of Washington, it’s not going to happen.

Maybe things would change if the government was not made up of the rich and the business owners who are trying to take care of, well, the rich business owners.

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