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January 5, 2013

On society and trust

by @ 8:52 pm. Filed under Personal

So the basis of western society is rugged individualism. IE. do what you can for yourself and screw anyone not part of your family group.

So exactly how are people supposed to form close lasting friendships when the entire point of life that we are taught is to only care about ourselves?

The very basis of trust is to signify that someone else isn’t going to screw us over, but in fact that is what we are taught as general principle. Screw everyone else over to get as much as you can as fast as you can, because the one with the most money wins.

So instead we only end up with a spouse, children or parents to trust because those bonds we’re “born into” instead of trying to develop, and therefore they are stronger.

Frankly I smell bullshit all over this.

2 Responses to “On society and trust”

  1. Momsquared Says:

    I agree. Trust involves risk, because not everyone we trust will be trustworthy. That’s where courage comes in. Trust is a courageous act, and many people lack courage today. You sound very courageous and I’m proud to know you!

  2. Lasivian Says:

    Well, I’m glad to know you as well, but this is more a commentary on society in general, not specific people. 🙂

    It’s about as far as I get into “changing the world” politics.

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