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August 10, 2013

Things change

by @ 1:53 pm. Filed under Personal

Some of you near to me have noticed that I am actually *GASP* happy lately. Yes, things for me have changed in drastic ways. I found a group of people that I enjoy being around. And I have gotten myself involved in a torrid love affair.

I guess for now I am staying in Seattle. Time will tell, but it is looking more likely.

In other news my father and his wife have decided that now is the time to try and inflict their world views on me again. (I suppose this happened because USAA tried to contact them on my behalf and ask them to sign up for insurance so I could) It’s actually kind of funny how they think they matter to me anymore. I did not get to choose my family, but I now get to choose who I want to care about, they would do well to learn that.

Sunny outside today, I think I’ll go for a walk and play Ingress for awhile.

4 Responses to “Things change”

  1. MK Says:

    What wonderful news!!! BTW, I read an interesting comment today…. The obstacles in the path ARE the path… or to quote Rascal Flatts…’Bless this broken road that led me straight to you” So happy to hear you are feeling better.

    Much love to you, sweetie..

  2. Dad Says:

    all you had to do is call your dad and it could have been taken care of. Instead you hid behind the USAA guy telling him your dad would hang up on you. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Poor baby.

  3. Lasivian Says:

    So, let me get this straight Colleen. You decided it was a good idea to come to my website and post your negative judgement on a post I made almost a year ago. Exactly what did you hope to gain from this?

    What was clear to me then and is still clear now is that you and I will never see eye-to-eye, and you’re doing a great job at reminding me of that.

    I would think that both you and my father would feel shame at the idea that I think so lowly of both of you. But instead you merrily go about your way thinking that you are the center of the fucking universe. And that you can go around throwing mud and drama at me just because you fucking want to. I have not called, I have not messaged, I have left you THE FUCK ALONE, apparently you are either incapable or unwilling to do the same.

    Gee, I wonder, why would I *WANT* to talk to someone that acts like you are acting here? Or the way you have acted previously towards me?

    I certainly can’t think of a reason. Can you?

  4. Lasivian Says:

    “I don’t know what makes you think I want you as part of my life. Far from it. But I really get sick and tired of all of this feel sorry for Kevin. You are one of the most negative people I know.”

    Says the pot to the kettle. You’re coming here just to be negative you realize. Do you think that somehow you can accuse me of being negative, then be negative and two wrongs make a right?

    “In case you haven’t noticed we have not tried to contact you.”

    Yet you are here posting comments and replying aren’t you.

    “We really don’t care what you think of us, your opinion does not matter at all.”

    So why should I care about your opinion exactly if you clearly don’t care about mine?

    “We are happy, enjoying life and that’s all that matters.”

    Of course, your happiness is all that matters in the universe. You can just go shit on whoever you want and as long as *you* are happy then it’s A-OK, right?

    “And we are doing it all without you in our lives. What do we have to be ashamed of? We simply don’t care what you think or about what you are doing with your life.”

    Oh but you *DO* care, because (as I already said) you are here making posts.

    “Throwing mud and drama, I think you should read your posts sometimes. That is your entire life, throwing mud and dram is a daily ritual for you.”

    #1 It’s my life, I can live it how I want. I do not need nor want your opinion of that, and I did not go looking for it like you did here.
    #2 This is my site not yours to write what I want here. I don’t force you to read it.
    #3 Right now YOU are the one making the drama. You are the one harassing me and being the bully.

    “Just couldn’t keep myself from getting my fix of your daily drama and bullshit.”

    Listen to yourself. You’re reveling in your enjoyment of being a drama queen and harassing me.

    “But going back 14 years when the family tried to warn me about you, I was the only one that stuck up for you and at the time felt everyone deserved a second chance. But now I see what they were talking about. Actually I saw it a couple years ago. Anyhow you will be deleted now so not to worry.”

    Sticks and stones may break my bones, etc, etc, etc….

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