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August 12, 2013


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It’s kind of odd to look around my apartment and see all the things that I don’t need. Or all the things connected to a pastime I do not indulge in anymore.

I guess I need to take a shovel to the place and do a purge. I also need to reevaluate my list of enjoyments. Kind of funny how the “what” matters much less now and the “who”, “where”, “when” and “why” are critical. I think that might violate some law of US materialism, but I think I can live with that.

I realized recently that I was using my “powers” of solving problems or fixing things to try to make up for my lack of social skills. Which tends to go over relatively well, especially when people need their computer fixed. But the outlay of materials, time and money on projects where the interest is minor and the fulfillment is unlikely has been one of my major failures.

Interesting, so interesting.

4 Responses to “Today”

  1. MK Says:

    Failure is such a harsh word, sweetie….I hope you aren’t being too hard on yourself… or too premature in deciding to discard that which led you to become who you are right now AND who you will be in the future… Big hug, MK

  2. Mom Says:

    But, wait! Some of us still need those powers of yours, Supertech! Don’t eat the kryptonite or drink the kool-aide. Oops. I forgot. You LIKE kool-aide :)– Mom

  3. Lasivian Says:

    Failure is a harsh word, but then you know I’m not a candy-coat-it kind of person. 🙂 Nothing was ever a success that was not first a failure anyway.

  4. MK Says:

    Quite insightful 🙂

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