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June 4, 2015

Minor repairs

by @ 8:17 am. Filed under Personal

So, my job description is very heavily skewed towards the “stockroom” aspect of my job. The only line of it that mentions repair work is the following:

“Clean and make minor repairs on power tools and other equipment and advise users on cleaning and minor repairs of used stock, supplies, and equipment.”

Note the word “minor”. What exactly is a “minor repair”?

If i’m replacing the drive shaft on a 24″ bandsaw is that a “minor repair”? Something tells me the answer to that is “no”.

But you see I *CAN* do it. But should I? I’m not getting paid very well for what I do, but I have been doing any and all repairs that have crossed my desk.

Is this just the protestant work ethic of the USA rearing it’s head? Should I ask my boss what constitutes a “minor repair” and sit on my hands when anything bigger comes along? They can just take it out of the repair budget, which is not really very big in the first place. Which means most things will probably not get fixed.

Decisions, decisions…..

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