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December 8, 2015

Judgmental people can go fuck off.

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Sometimes, it is exceedingly annoying when you want things from the universe.

Things you might be able to have, but only if you compromise who you are.

Tonight I was at a boardgaming event. The weather was bad, there were 8 people there. I left them to play 2 4-player games. Partly because I don’t like very long games and hoped they would run their games faster with only four players. Then I would game with whoever was there.

One group left after two hours, the other was still playing their game at that time. I decided it was time to go then as well because it had started raining. One gentleman showed up in that time but immediately left.

Now, I’ve become a little less of a bitter martyr lately. So I sat and played my android games while I waited. No harm, no foul. I should note that I ended up just sitting around the week before rather than get in on a 7-person game that also took the entire evening. Perhaps this group isn’t for me. *shrug* Such is life, right?

When I left I said goodbye to the group that remained. And one of the gentleman chastised me for just sitting there. Saying that I needed to get more involved.

In other words, “You need to change who you are and how you interact if you want to play here”.

I explained that I was new, somewhat shy and didn’t like long games.

He reacted as if I was whining.

And, you know what? It pissed me off. Patience is a virtue. Imagine that, right? I sat by and waited, and somehow because nobody showed up and things have not worked out he thinks he can lecture me?

Yep, i’m male, so of course I just need to yank self-confidence out of thin air and get used to how the world functions! And somehow people think they have the right to act like they are my father if I don’t, even if i’m not complaining or even asking them for help. (Kind of like someone thin lecturing someone fat on how they should lose weight. We wouldn’t stand for that shit, why would it be acceptable to lecture me on this shit? How about a nice cup of “shut-the-fuck-up” asshole.)

Yep, I want the world to work differently. I go out and sit around and hope people talk to me. Is that a fucking crime? Is it wrong to wait for the strong assertive people to take an interest in me? Of course not. It’s not going to get results 99 times out of 100, but it’s not fucking “wrong”.

And yet, somehow, people think I can just flip a switch and be “someone else”. (Yep, take these drugs, they’ll make you someone that we want around us!”. Jesus, talk about fuckin peer pressure, right?)

I’m not taking crap from the universe anymore.

And i’m not letting people get away with this shit anymore either.

On pathetic profits.

by @ 4:41 pm. Filed under Business

Lately something has really been annoying me.

I recently went to a concert, and was frisked when I came in.

Not for weapons, they didn’t care about my pocket knife.
Nor for electronics, they let me in with my digital camera, cellphone and hotspot.
Not for misc strangeness either, as I was wearing a chainmail shirt and belt and they let me in with those.
Or the charging cables, earplugs, medicine, coins tricks…

What they were looking for, was food. And they went through all of my little belt pouches to find it. In the end I was forced to throw away the two energy bars that I carried around.

Because, or course, they wanted me to buy their very overpriced food.

The concert was already expensive, 70$ per ticket.

But they wanted to make me destroy 5$ of my property to get in. (I walked from home, 20 minutes, I couldn’t just “put them in the car”. And they had already scanned me in.)

That irks me. Why do we allow businesses to have such strong controls over things? Do we seriously give up that much of our rights to what we do with our property?

It’s pathetic that we allow profit in such wasteful ways.

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