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May 30, 2016

Humans, oxygen, and asthma…

by @ 11:10 am. Filed under Personal

So, those around me know that it’s one of my base issues that I *HATE* being alone. I am an introvert trying hard to be an extrovert. It fills a base “need” in my life.

But, our society likes to act like you cannot find any happiness with other people until you are happy by yourself.

Well, I call this utter bullshit.

Imagine this in another way. Does anyone say, “You cannot live with oxygen until you learn to live without it”. Of course not. Most people know you cannot live very long at all without oxygen. All humans need a comfortable level of it to survive. Any intelligent person would not tell someone with asthma “Just breath normally, there is plenty of oxygen in the air”. Some people do not get what they need normally and need a little help.

The same holds true with human interactions. Some of us need more interaction to get by than others. Just because you can live like a hermit does not mean it’s right to assume everyone else can.

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