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August 15, 2017

Retail sales and telling us what we want and why we want it.

by @ 8:15 am. Filed under Business

So every so often I check appliance stores to see if they ever have an all-in-one clothes washer and evaporative dryer. In short, it’s a unit where you put the clothes in dirty, and a few hours later you come pull them out clean and dry.

Nobody carries one. Mind you I had one over 10 years ago. But yet no appliance retailer carries one. They often say “You can buy one online”. Well, if I wanted to just be told to buy something online I wouldn;t bother to come look for it in a store now would I? *boggle*

Furthermore, they like to always point out how it takes “several hours” to dry the clothes. As if this is somehow going to change my mind about a product I used to own and want to buy again. These kind of dryers are also very popular in Europe and have been for decades. Switzerland has actually outlawed vented “hot box” dryers since 2012.

They are also very gentle on clothes. They do not give you warm toasty feeling clothes, but that is actually a good thing for fabric.

But yet, do I ever see one anywhere? No, I don’t. Instead, I am told their drawbacks and why I don’t want one. Last time I checked the consumer drove the interaction, not the salesman.

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