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February 14, 2021

First world problems.

by @ 9:08 am. Filed under Personal

We do not have an energy crisis in the USA.
We do not have a water crisis in the USA.
We do not have a waste crisis in the USA.

What we have is a crisis of nobody in America willing to reduce their insane consumption.

One Response to “First world problems.”

  1. Audwyn Says:

    And now along with all the other things…. Now we dont talk about bruno…. or systemic familial brutality surrounding obligation and missing the mark on the way to genuine gratitude… come on, yall were so close when the maladaptive mechanisms were built to “prevent” the family from breaking up due to “lack of interest” or other reasons and excuses.
    like, I get the need for social groups and interdependence and to require others to show up in certain ways (trad, behaviors, values, culture, especially guess culture where one must guess at what another wants in order to “prove” that one actually loves the other) before acceptance will occur…
    We do not have systemic generational trauma that informs a perpetuation of non consent/ consent violations being normalized in so many ways… most folk think I am crazy when i talk about how subtle a consent violation can be and they think those “benign” violations dont matter bc “everyone” does it…
    and!!! its all one more thing that contributes to the multiple interrelated systemic crisis.

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