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March 8, 2021

The plan moves forward

by @ 12:13 pm. Filed under Personal

I met with an attorney today. She is making some changes to the purchase agreement for selling my house. I’m getting what I feel is a good deal, so that’s good enough for me. She’s just writing up the details that cover my ass since i’m not dealing with a realtor.

Once that’s done I will start the boat search. Tho I feel that won’t bear fruit until after the pandemic winds down. My view is that a lot of people have gotten a boat to quarentine on with the family, and most won’t stay on them after things open back up on land. We will see.

What kind of boat? Well I have some requirements.

I’ll see what I can find online once I have the cash in hand. It will likely be a major project to get it into shape for long passages, but it’s nothing that scares me.

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