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March 24, 2022

Vanlife, Step #7

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Stayed in town and downloaded some media with the intent of going back off-network up Tonto Creek.

Had some annoying trouble with my Renogy solar app. It requires that I log in to do anything. Which is far less than helpful if you don’t have internet access. They just want to sell more shit to you, which should be a secondary use of the app which tells you everything about your solar array. Complained, but I don’t think it’s going to do any good.

Got up to the creek in the afternoon. And found a big mess of garbage in the camping area that the families were using last week. I didn’t want it we believe it was the people that I gave the radios and fishing tips too. But as I was cleaning up the trash I found one of the radios. Can’t say I’m thrilled, they seemed a lot nicer than that. Eventually I cleaned up about 30 lb of trash they’d left behind.

I got to work on the leveling boards I wanted to make for the van. I had a short 2×8 from my father that I had cut in half already, and I bought an 8-ft 2×8 to complete them. I started with a nice angled cut through both boards at the same time, only to find that I had gone far as you and my cutting. I had to recut all four slopes.

Eventually I got them put together and some waterproofing on them. They are enough to raise my rig up 3 in. I need to cut the additional pieces I have a little smaller and then I’ll be able to get the rig up four and a half inches. Combine with a small shovel that should be able to level me just about anywhere.

The refrigerator can work normally up to 5° off level. At the moment I’m off 1 and 1/2° front to back and point 3° side to side. I think that’s good enough.

I’m getting tired of this beat up body. I feel like crap. I don’t know if it’s just getting old, just being horribly out of shape, or both.

It’s only supposed to get down to 37 degrees at Kohl’s ranch tonight. With the new electric heating blanket and can easily handle that. Supposed to be warmer than that the rest of the week. Thankfully the daytime highs aren’t supposed to get above 70f.

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