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March 27, 2006

I’m sorry Prok.

by @ 8:49 pm. Filed under Secondlife

I chose to put my answer here for reasons that will become clean in a moment. (This is a response to the post found Here.)

You see, I have to come clean, I used you Prok.

I realized that I needed advertising, and I didn’t want to pay for it.

So an idea came to mind, “Who can I get to put my name up in lights, for free?”.

That’s where you came in, and using a little bird you’ll recognize called Flavius Flop I dropped a hint in your ear about a post on the forums.

Which (true to form) you fell upon like a starving wolverine on a dead moose.

The results? Visitors to my store have quadrupled tonight alone! Hence my response is here to drag more people from your site over to mine.

Anyway thanks Prok, I knew you would come through for me! 🙂

(BTW, for anyone that cares my store is Here)

Trash troubles

by @ 6:21 pm. Filed under Personal

So, I live next to an apartment complex, that has had issues with their dumpsters.

The trash from the dumpster near me has blown into my yard with the prevailing wind from the west. Obviously I have not been pleased.

It was nice when they got a lock on the dumpster so it would stay closed.

Or so I thought, now they’re using my trashcans to dump their garbage. Altho today they tossed in a pizza box, that had their address and phone number on it.

So I called the apartment manager and mentioned the trash, she adamantly said it was the people across the street, tho her tune changed when I mentioned they were stupid enough to throw away something with their address and phone number on it. “Oh yeah, we’ll handle it, we’re sorry”.

Man I really gotta move, heh.

The weekend

by @ 3:04 pm. Filed under Personal

As usual it was way too short. We meant to get a pair of bikes this weekend but the bike store has horrible hours.

I’m figuring it’s the only way we’re really going to get out, walking/hiking isn’t happening.

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