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June 27, 2006

Israel and the Palestinians

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So, the Palestinians are holding an Israeli soldier hostage.

(Let’s get this straight, a soldier, not a civilian.)

And they are asking that women and children be released from Israeli prisons.

(Again, to make sure we understand this we’re talking civilians.)

The israelis refuse to negotiate at all and are massing for war in Gaza to bring home this one soldier.

(Gaza, which is full of both Palestinians with guns and innocent civilians who will get killed from collateral damage.)

The israelis pulled out of Gaza, yet are still restricting trade and aid to flow in and out of the region so the Palestianians there don’t see they have much to lose.

Personally I am sick of seeing Israel flex it’s muscle day in and day out to keep the Palestinians under it’s thumb. Israel has gone beyond simply trying to stop the violence of the region and is now perpetuating it under the thin veil of “we will not negotiate with terrorists” IE. Hamas, a democratically elected government.


2 Responses to “Israel and the Palestinians”

  1. Jack Handy Says:

    the Jewish people Paid Egypt and Jordan for the desert wasteland that became Israel after it was awarded the land after WWII. the palistinians are 1/2 brothers to the Jews as are all arabs. Israel after much pressure from the world gives gaza to the palistinias and moves out. the palistinan leader dies the elect HAMAS people to be ther elected officials the palistinans have attaced Israel multiple times Israel responds. Israel give palistine land that they wanted to get peace. Palistine has not kept up there end of the bargin. Israel is hated by all of its neighbors because they are jewish and becuse they are the loved son of (i think) jacob and ishmael was not. this is a 5000 year family fued it stinks but israel does not attack unless it has been attacked first. To tell Israel not to defend itself is wrong if mexico was comming in and blowing things up and killing people and we gave them the southwest as a peace offering and they still kept attacking we would have every right to attack back and use grater force as a deturant to attacking again. Imagine our goverment telling us we have until a certaint date to pack up and move out of our houses and businesses and get out of the southwest adn move elswhere to ensure peace and we did and it did not give us peace imagine the outrage.

  2. lasivian Says:

    Israel moved out of Gaza, but they still have it sealed off from the rest of the world. You could say the guards left the prison but they still keep the doors locked.

    The palestinians elected Hamas, yep. This was their first election in 12 years. Look at their choices, Hamas or Fatah, one a terrorist organization, the other openly corrupt. Either way they were screwed, they at least voted for change. Show me another democratically elected government that the world comdemns.

    Israel is hated by it’s neighbors for being a bully. Please show me what concessions or moves the Israelis have made to cement peace? I recall Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated for offering land for peace, by a Jew. I remind you of the bombing by Jewish groups of the King David Hotel in 1946, the jews don’t want peace by conversation, they want it through force. And frankly i’m sick of my taxes going to them to fund their bullying.

    As for packing up and moving out talk to the Arabs that were forced out of Israel when the country was founded.

    The situation is a disaster, and until the rest of the world forces both sides to get along it’s only going to get worse.

    Frankly I think everyone should be forced out of the “holy land”, it’s like a mother with 2 kids in a sandbox, “If you can’t play nice then you won’t play at all”.

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