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September 8, 2007

Travel Tribulations – Part 1

by @ 7:00 am. Filed under Personal

So This morning I left Phoenix. For what will probably be the last time (excluding short visits).

The truck was very fully loaded, the trailer too. Which of course is weighing heavily on my mind.

My first “event” happened at the rest-stop west of Phoenix, while checking the temperature of the hubs on my trailer with my infrared thermometer (that a Burger King employee had just mistaken for a tazer) I laid it on the trailer as I dug for something in the back of the truck. Of course I thought “Better not forget that”. Well, I probably forgot it since I haven’t seen it since.

The trailer is holding up quite nicely, far better than I expected. The hubs aren’t overheating at all. *phew*.

Similarly the truck seems to be doing ok (Even tho I put in 15 hours of driving today, it sounded a little rough but I guess that should be no shock).

Made it to Bob & Jan’s house at around 11:30. It seems it’s going to be a longer trip to WA than I first expected. Let’s hope the roads and drivers in Oregon are better than those in California. Heh.

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