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October 19, 2007

Sigh, let’s hope today is an improvement.

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Yesterday was probably the crappiest day since I came to Washington.

I found out that even tho I’ve been hunting for twenty years in AZ and have a dozen licenses to prove it I have to wait until February and pay 50$ to take a 20-hour Hunter Safety Course in WA. Simply because I was born after January 1st, 1972.

Later I was listening to the audiobook of “Speaker for the Dead” and realized it was HEAVILY abridged.

After that one of my good Sterilite tubs fell off a shelf and shattered.

Annoyed about all that I goofed and deleted about 10 gigs of files across my network. Compounding that I undeleted them the wrong way and made them all a total loss.

I’ve really wanted to get back into Airsoft, but that’s 500$ worth of gear I can’t afford right now.

I guess today i’ll try and get a fishing license at least and see if that works. I should have gotten one yesterday but I was so frustrated about the hunting mess that I forgot all about it.

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