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November 30, 2007


by @ 6:23 pm. Filed under Personal

Well, I did alot of cooking today to try and get a weeks worth of meals made up ahead.

My feet are killing me, time to sit back and listen to ‘Eldest’.

November 29, 2007


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Well, applied for a job at REI yesterday, but I lived too far away.

They wanted someone who could be there alot faster, and i’m a 60-minute ferry ride away.

November 26, 2007

Electrical trickery

by @ 9:37 pm. Filed under Personal

Seems the outlet i’m using for the yurt is the same outlet that the rented room in the basement is using. We keep tripping the breaker.

Going to have to find a solution to this pretty soon.

Snow way man!

by @ 5:45 pm. Filed under Personal

Well, got snow for the first time today.

About 1/2 inch has fallen so far, let’s hope the yurt holds up to it.

Seattle Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame

by @ 4:20 pm. Filed under Personal

Just a little jab here.

Sarah and I intended to visit here the other day. But we were a tad dismayed to find out that you are not allowed to take photographs in the museum. Every other museum and location that we went to during her time here had no such restriction. (However the Aquarium asked folks to not use a flash around the seahorses.)

We felt that was a rather crappy policy since it’s 15$ per person to get in, so we decided not to visit.

Just FYI for anyone thinking of visiting.

November 23, 2007


by @ 11:13 pm. Filed under Personal

We haded over to play in Seattl today.

Went to the Space Needle, the Seattle Aquarium and the Kabuto gardens.

Did alot of shopping too, misc little palces, th Teacup in Quen Anne Hill and Pike’s Market.

Bloody insane crowds on good ole black friday.

November 22, 2007

Moving, Part 2

by @ 2:23 am. Filed under Personal

We decided today would be a good day to finish unloading the storage.

So we hooked up the trailer again and made the 2-hour round trip to Quilcene.

I found that I had lost the keys to the bottom half of my toolbox and had to drill the lock out, but it’s functional yet again.

November 18, 2007

Moving, Part 1

by @ 9:36 pm. Filed under Personal

Well, we got the trailer lowered down the hill this morning without too much difficulty.

Richard came and helped us out, it would have been a much harder time without him.

The landowners didn’t come out of their seclusion to even say hello, so we didn’t bother to go say hi. Sarah didn’t much feel like meeting them and I felt about the same way.

We finally got the yurt torn down and loaded at about 4pm.

We didn’t exactly leave the site in pristine condition, but it should match the look of the rest of the property now.

We headed for Bremerton and got underway with the construction at around 8pm, it took us another? hours. After that Sarah and I realized we had packed all the bedding away in storage, so we decided to make the 2-hour round trip to Quilcene to pick it up and come back.

Needless to say it’s been a LONG day.

November 14, 2007

Impressive Origami

by @ 11:52 pm. Filed under Personal

I ran across some very amazing origami art the other day by Eric Joisel in Paris.

Much of it is done with wet paper, the results are quite astonishing.

Trailer Troubles, Part II

by @ 11:56 am. Filed under Personal

Well, I managed to get the trailer up the hill today with some heavy rope and a hand winch.

Hopefully just one more trip up with the truck and a full load down and i’ll never have to fight the hill again.

Getting the yurt parts where they need to go on the other hand will be a whole new challenge.

November 13, 2007

Trailer Troubles

by @ 9:42 pm. Filed under Personal

Well, I pulled the trailer out, cleaned it up, and threw 300lbs of cement I had laying around into the truck to try and make it up the yurt road with the trailer.

I got about halfway and couldn’t make it to the top. So I unhooked the trailer, moved it off the the side and backed the truck down.

I’ve got a handwinch and some rope and i’m in the process of winching it to the top. It’s going to take at least a day to do it.

Too bad I don’t have any extra manpower around.

November 12, 2007

Back up and running

by @ 9:08 pm. Filed under Personal

T-Mobile, Qwest and part of Verizon were dead this morning from Olympia north to the sea, the big storm last night probably took out a fiber-optic connection.

So I never made it back to clean up the yurt site. I guess i’ll just do it when I move on the 19th instead of using the gas to make another trip.

November 11, 2007

Washington update

by @ 7:55 pm. Filed under Personal

Looks like the place in Bremerton will work out.

I was up there today taking a look around.

I’m headed back tomorrow to clean up and get the site ready.

November 10, 2007


by @ 11:45 am. Filed under Personal

I finally got my video clips in order, and the comments system works again.

Maybe someday everything here will work, heh.

November 6, 2007

About time they go colorblind

by @ 7:41 pm. Filed under Personal

I love Kool-aid, however the one thing I have hated about the drink for decades is it’s ability to stain anything and everything it comes into contact with.

So I was astounded to finally see Invisible Kool-aid at the store today.

Invisible Kool-Aid

I hope it’s not a short-term thing.

A good possibility

by @ 7:26 pm. Filed under Personal

After a long string of defeats I have a good glimmer of hope.

A nice lady in Bremerton is offering to rent me a section of her unimproved backyard.

I’ll find out Sunday if it’ll work out.

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