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November 18, 2007

Moving, Part 1

by @ 9:36 pm. Filed under Personal

Well, we got the trailer lowered down the hill this morning without too much difficulty.

Richard came and helped us out, it would have been a much harder time without him.

The landowners didn’t come out of their seclusion to even say hello, so we didn’t bother to go say hi. Sarah didn’t much feel like meeting them and I felt about the same way.

We finally got the yurt torn down and loaded at about 4pm.

We didn’t exactly leave the site in pristine condition, but it should match the look of the rest of the property now.

We headed for Bremerton and got underway with the construction at around 8pm, it took us another? hours. After that Sarah and I realized we had packed all the bedding away in storage, so we decided to make the 2-hour round trip to Quilcene to pick it up and come back.

Needless to say it’s been a LONG day.

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