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December 7, 2007

Regarding marriage

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To everyone who thinks that marriage is a lifelong commitment, show you mean it and get your wedding ring tattooed onto your finger.


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I realized the other day that I never stopped to take a minute to thank Tom & Nanci Kuykendall (<mr_t4of5@yahoo.com> and <aisliin@yahoo.com> respectively) for the events that took place through September, October and half of November 2007.

I thank you for showing me how not to act to a visitor.

I thank you for showing me the correct way to be self-centered.

I thank you for showing me how easily people you invited to join you could be given the cold shoulder.

In general I’m quite impressed with how alone I felt even tho I was supposedly coming to help found a new community. You complained about how Dragonbelly Farm was a fiefdom, yet at the same time you ignored any suggestion or question I had and instead just called it “complaining”. I’m sorry that I didn’t know anything about community before I came up there, I made that abundantly clear.

Perhaps you should have decided you could not handle community before I drove 1500 miles to join you and wasted 10,000$ on a yurt.

But then, i’m certain you don’t consider any of this something you had any part in, goodness no, I’m sure it’s all my fault.

Maybe the next people that are looking to make a decision like I made can learn from this failure.

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