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April 12, 2008

Keeping it Real.com

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Well, I started my new job Wednesday at Real.com.

It’s not bad at all, I hope it goes well. I’m making almost double my best previous pay rate (And finally making more than Sarah, tho it’s not like I feel I have to, heh. Frankly she should ALWAYS be making more than me considering how hard a worker she is).

The place is really nice. It has a 2-lane bowling alley, a pool table, a ping-pong table, a nap room and a no-fee atm.

It’s also nice that most of the guys in the area i’m in have no idea what the words “Politically correct” mean, heh. And the boss is dryly sarcastic (Except when you screw up).

My commute is about 0 minutes, but I add on 20 minutes just in case I miss a bus. It’s pretty nice to not have to drive. (I never had the option of taking a bus in Phoenix). Tho it seems i’m the exception not the rule, most folks drive (Given that we have non-standard hours because it’s a 24/7 operation it makes for a reasonable commute).

Drawbacks? There are limited options for food in that area, especially given the odd hours. Since i’m a temp I have to buy my own bus pass (tho it’s only 54$ a month). No dental care. Things get insanely stressful when some of the feeds die (I think that’s only really stressing me out now because I feel useless while learning what i’m doing).

All in all it could be far worse.

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  1. Colleen Says:

    Glad to hear you like your new job. I think starting a new job is always stressful. That’s the norm. I am sure things will get easier once you get your stride going. You are extremely smart so it should be easy for you to catch on and you will be feeling comfortable soon. Good luck !! Sounds like a job made for you !! Maybe now things will start falling into place for you and you can step off the roller coaster.

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