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April 15, 2022

Vanlife, step #20

by @ 9:59 pm. Filed under Personal, Vanlife

The Rim Road is open! Finally, I can head futher north away from the heat. Not that it’s been hot so far, but i’m no longer limited in where I can go vs where I want to. I’m debating if I should wait or go up towads Chevelon Canyon Lake now. Decisions, decisions. I’ve got a decent spot here for internet, but it’s not really a campsite. I’ll have to ponder this more tomorrow, time for sleep right now.

Blue Alert? How about Bullshit Alert…

by @ 5:06 pm. Filed under Crime & Justice, Politics

So I get this alert on my cellphone abaout someone that hurt a Phoenix police officer.

I cannot help but think this is abuse of the notification network just because the police can do it.

There are a lot of alerts that I should be getting before hearing about a cop getting attacked when police have a lower approval rating than congress.

Native women missing and probably murdered? Nah, that’s no big deal, but a cop attacked! LET’S ALERT EVERYONE! OMG!

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