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April 28, 2022

I am strangely intrigued by this.

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This is how billionaires use bureaucracy as a way to justify doing nothing.

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It’s clearly obvious the WFP would never make this happen. So Elon can just spend 40 billion to buy Twitter and blame the WFP for letting people starve. He has enough money he wouldn’t need the WFP to end world hunger if he really cared. It’s all justification for being greedy.

So true…

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Random happy picture.

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Vanlife, step #25

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Starlink has been working well so far. So long as it has a clear view of the northern sky. Which is kind of funny since the solar needs a clear view of the southern sky. I guess the perfect place to camp out is in the middle of Kansas. LOL

Using toxic masculinity as a weapon against a man.

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“Nobody will believe you because you’re a man.”, “Be a man Johnny.” This sure doesn’t seem like an abusive man to me.

Facebook seems to be getting harsher lately.

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I guess I’ll be posting more here since Facebook doesn’t like dark humor. It’s not really like Facebook is more than sharing things with people who are already your friends anyway.

You could also say it’s not exactly the best idea to cut somebody off from contact with others when they’re posting something about suicide.

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