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May 3, 2022

Vanlife, step #27

by @ 3:16 pm. Filed under Vanlife

So I am lounging in Payson Arizona right now. Waiting for the camping rug I ordered to arrive. The sawzall got here already, along with the new water bag and the non-lead sinkers.

I’m not going to head back to the rim without the camp rug. Tracking dirt into the van drives me crazy. And are constantly have to put my shoes on when I leave the van to do much of anything with the little welcome mat I have. Unfortunately I had to send it from Amazon via UPS to a post office box. So it has to be sorted by the post office into the box. Which might happen sometime in the next 7 hours. *Sigh* Thankfully I don’t have anywhere I need to be.

The sawzall was pretty expensive, and I got half a dozen carbide blades for it. But if I’m going to start doing more wood carving it seemed a no-brainer. I’m just not in good enough shape for the handsaw s on larger trees. Thankfully I already have multiple Milwaukee batteries.

The tin fishing sinkers weren’t required, but it’s always bugged me handling raw lead all the time. Hey look okay, unfortunately they’re not removable. I’m going to need to track down some that are.

I was really annoyed about the Sawyer water bag that sprang a leak. It’s only about 6 months old, but the company said there is no warranty on those water bags. Which really sucks considering I spent $30 for the damn thing. The new one I got from Amazon it’s cheaper and more highly reviewed.

I also went ahead and restocked some food while I was at it. I also bought some cornmeal and oats to start my own little mealworm farm. We will see if I can get them to breed more mealworms before I use them all for fishing.

Unfortunately nobody in Payson has the handscrew wood clamp that I need for woodworking. I guess unfortunately I’ll just have to order one. I didn’t even figure that it would be something that no business here in town would have. Home Depot doesn’t even carry one. If the harbor freight they are building here was open they would probably have one. Unfortunately I’m a couple months too early for that.

I also snagged a cheap mat to put under the star link when I’m putting it on top of the trailer or the van. No point in having it rub the paint off if I can avoid it for $6. I looked into a smaller container for the starlink, but it was three times the price of the one I’m using now. And I just couldn’t justify the cost.

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