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September 7, 2006

Bin Laden

by @ 10:31 am. Filed under Crime & Justice, Politics

So, I got to thinking about the hunt for Bin Laden. And I started realizing that:

#1, Bush has not mentioned him much at all.

#2, Bush has not seemed to put much effort into finding him either.

My thought is that Bush needs him alive as an antagonist. If we captured or killed Bin Laden then Bush’s “Global War on Terrorism” would lose it’s steam rather quickly.

Voters would shift from thinking about security and start asking about other issues. This would mean the Republican juggernaut would lose most of it’s steam.

Of course it’s losing power just based on public opinion, but what other explaination can really account for the fact that he is still at large?

Secondlife Income Distribution

by @ 9:16 am. Filed under Personal, Secondlife

I was curious the other day about how many people in Secondlife make a profit off their work in that virtual world.

This is the best data I could come up with based on the # of Linden Dollars that LL says are left on the market after sinks, and a rough guess that 20,000 users actually interact with the economy.

I also had no basis for distribution of wealth, so I used the list of transactions by value. (If anyone has any better data i’m listening)

# of users - USD Yearly Net (After sinks)
7509 - 296.68
3495 - 637.20
3314 - 672.43
2460 - 905.61
1647 - 1,351.40
718 -- 3,095.93
692 -- 3,214.08
129 -- 17,160.62
32 --- 68,979.92
4 ---- 567,489.68
1 ---- 1,564,767.87

(No, that 1 making 1.5 mil is not Anshe, it’s just how the formula came out)

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