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October 1, 2007

A rough morning

by @ 1:50 pm. Filed under Personal

So I woke up around 9am to sunshine. Shocking since all the weather reports said it would rain straight through till this weekend.

I headed down to start a loaf of bread in the bread machine and then realized it was the perfect time to handle the yurt top.

Turns out I had to totally remove the lacing between the top and the walls to lift the top enough to remove the “safety straps” that were screwed to the top of the rafters. Then I got to wrench the tension cable out of the end of each rafter, rotate it, and replace the cable. Since I can’t release the tension in the cable I had to manhandle them all one by one, all 21 of them.

Finally with that done I repositioned the top and laced it back to the walls.

I did not bother replacing the safety straps when I was done, I don’t think they’re much help in a yurt this small.

As I was finishing up with the dome I spotted the first few drops of rain on the lexan. Perfect timing.

I found out it had taken me a total of three hours, and as I type my hands are stinging something fierce.

At least it’s done tho.

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