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October 7, 2007

More Pictures

by @ 5:27 pm. Filed under Personal

I did some more uploading on my substandard connection (V360 phone on T-mobile internet).

The first new album is the trip from AZ to WA. Most of the pictures were taken by pointing the camera out the window while driving, not really much to see the whole way. (I took I5 most of the way up).

The second album is of the trip from Quilcene to Yurtco in Canada and back to pickup my yurt. It looks like i’m being followed by a shark the whole way back. The ferry ride in the morning was glorious, the ferry being only half full. The later trip was horrible. I had not know that only days before it had changed to one ferry every 90 minutes, and I barely managed to get onboard. Both border crossings were similarly horrible, wait times were 2 hours, both ways. This was on a friday, and not during rush hour. I shudder to think what Saturday would have been like.

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