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October 9, 2007

Motherboard Mayhem

by @ 9:31 pm. Filed under Personal

Back near the end of August the Abit KN8 motherboard in Sarah’s computer failed.

Just failed, kaput, dead, no life.

So we tried to rush to get a replacement before I went to Washington.

Abit sent us a nice lovely KN8 SLI board, an upgrade from the previous board, but it was DOA. I tested all the hardware in both our identical machines, but the SLI board refused to run. I returned it and told them to send me another one to the Washington address. They agreed to send a new board and shipped me another KN8 SLI board. However it too suffered the same exact trouble.

I notified Abit and requested a KN8 non-SLI replacement. They could not see how the SLI version could refuse to work since there was almost nothing different about them but agreed saying that would take awhile since they had none on hand. This was fine with me, and I commenced waiting.

Today the KN8 finally arrived. I threw it in and was greatly elated to see it working without a hitch.

So much for Abits thoughts on why the SLI failed to work. I still do not know the reason for the incompatibility, and frankly I don’t care.

I will say that Abit is absolute hell to reach on the phone, but once I did get a human on the line things were handled in an excellent manner.

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