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December 9, 2007

Cascade Treasures

by @ 11:38 pm. Filed under Personal

Well, I headed over to the Cascade Treasure Club meeting in Seattle today.

Sixteen miles by bike should NOT have left me feeling this beat up.

The group was warm and welcoming, but personally I was slightly dismayed to find so much “silver” as i’ve come to call it in the club. The youngest person there besides me seemed to be around 50. Not their fault of course, but I would just like to find people closer to my own age.

They were definitely nicer than the group I visited in AZ a few years back.

4 Responses to “Cascade Treasures”

  1. Mom Says:

    At least they were friendly and if you show up, maybe it will encourage them to bring their younger relatives along as well. Yu might also be able to post the meetings at a community college campus or some such place- REI, etc.
    16 miles on a bike would kick my butt.
    yo momma

  2. lasivian Says:

    “16 miles on a bike would kick my butt.”

    That’s the general idea, heh

  3. Jen Says:

    You could skip the bike ride and *I* will kick your butt… if its a butt kicking that youre after. 😉

  4. lasivian Says:

    Not the kind of butt kicking i’m looking for.

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