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December 19, 2007

Energy bill

by @ 9:08 am. Filed under Personal

Well, let’s think about it shall we?

Required ethanol production meaning that cost of grain and corn is going to go up.

Compact-flourescent bulbs will be used far more, yet we have no good way to recycle them.

Billions to attempt to sequester carbon monoxide in the ground and not even a billion towards alternative power sources.

Yeah, it’s blatantly obvious Bush is still in office.

One Response to “Energy bill”

  1. Jen Says:

    I totally think the Carbon Monoxide underground thing is dumb. I’m sure in 5 years or so a new study will come out saying how cancer rates in “some areas” have now skyrocketed. How come no one in power has yet to understand that what we put into the Earth has to come back OUT at some point? Whether thats in our food, our water or into the air we breathe (via plants) – it will come back. Action = Reaction.

    Also yeah, whats up with ignoring recycling and alt fuel sources? (Well, we all know what the real deal is – alt fuel guys havent yet caught on that the only thing really running this country is the Almighty Dollar. If some solar power guy would hire a good lobbyist and start raining money on Washington, D.C…. I guarantee you, we would all have solar power in a matter of months.)

    *sighs* Anyways….

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