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February 5, 2008


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I realized that I don’t care what a candidate does or says on the election trail.

I don’t care how many hands they shake, how many states they visit or how many babies they kiss.

I don’t care what promises they make, or who they say they will help.

I care about what they have done in the past, because history has proved that becoming president won’t change any candidate.

Take Bush Jr. for instance. His actions as Governor of Texas were a direct small scale demonstration of how he acted as president. If we look back his lies were obvious, and should have been obvious at the time because they conflicted with his previous actions.

The measure of a person is the deeds, not the words.

Trek-tech, part 1

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So I called Trek-Tech (The folks that made my tripod) and explained I had a broken Versamount.

They asked me “Where should we send a replacement?”. No confirmation of purchase, no having me send back the broken part.

I’m cautiously optimistic, I won’t be shocked if they send me some small parts to try and fix it (Which I can’t do since the screw is broken inside) but at least they were nice and I won’t mind calling them back again if they send the wrong thing.

I’ve been very happy with the trekpod in general, it’s been so much nicer than lugging around a full size tripod.

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